Discover Orthotics: Understanding Their Purpose, Benefits, and How They Can Improve Your Foot Health


Orthotics are foot inserts that are used to correct or improve your individual foot and ankle problems.

They can be used to help improve foot health, reduce symptoms of injury, and improve the performance of athletic shoes.

Orthotics come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and are worn inside shoes, boots, and even ice skates.

Orthotic insoles are often used to treat problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and injuries such as Morton’s neuroma, which can all be managed with orthotics.

Everyone’s foot movements are unique to themselves.

One person may have a flat foot accompanied by out-toeing.

While another may have flat feet accompanied by in-toeing.

While another person may have a rigid high arched foot with a longer second toe. 

These factors all change the way your foot distributes the pressures of your activities from your feet up to your knees and hips.

Custom orthotics are designed and manufactured to support your whole foot (from your heels, arches to toes) and correct your walking pattern.

How do Orthotics work?

The simplest way to explain how custom orthotics work is to understand the main purpose of feet.

That is to bear the weight of the body and allow locomotion.
Now, the reason why there are so many small bones in the foot is to provide dynamic movement to allow us to walk, jump and run.
proprioceptive training
A well-functioning foot when walking will strike at the heel and toe-off using the great toe at a minimum angle of 65 degrees.
Many people are not able to get that 65 degrees when they “toe-off” the ground. Most of the time this happens because the middle foot and ankle are not able to provide the “unlocking” motion to the toe.
Because of this other parts of the foot take on the pressure and eventually cause overuse and pain in other regions.
A custom orthotic essentially works by guiding the foot to walk in an optimal manner. Heel striking then making sure the mid-foot joints are allowing the big toe the freedom to get to the necessary angle to toe-off.

Because many people walk in a slightly different way, for example, some people’s feet out-toe as they walk. Some people in-toe as they walk. Some have flat feet at different levels and others have a rigid high arch.

The reason that custom orthotics are superior is that they address all the conditions of movement of your feet. Once you align the foot correctly, the optimal function restore means you’ll be out of discomfort and able to perform at your best.

Did You Know?

If you can press or bend the arch area of an orthotic or insole. This will mean the insole will compress under your body weight even more.

Great arch support does not bend where it needs to correct and align. That’s why most of the insoles you can buy over the counter are only able to provide cushioning and will not solve biomechanical foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, knee pain and back pain.

Podiatrists use a variety of higher-quality materials to bring you comfort with the functional support a custom orthotic should provide.