Orthotics for Kids

orthotics for kids
Many parents at some point may become concerned about the way their child is developing. 
 A child will likely outgrow many of the issues they presented in earlier childhood. Some conditions may last longer and if left untreated can develop into concerns leading into adulthood.

Flat Feet in Children

Flat feet aren’t always a cause for concern. Children often experience no pain and simply outgrow this position over time.

The bones in a child’s feet will have grown into position by the time they’re 7 or 8 years of age.

By this age, if a child’s arches do not appear to be developing and they’re experiencing pain or discomfort. It’s recommended to take action to prevent future complications.

flat feet in children

Conditions such as growing pains, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or Sever’s disease may also cause pain in the feet with orthotics being a recommended treatment option.

If you notice your child tripping a lot, or walking in a concerning way, chances are this is something they will grow out of without the need for any podiatry intervention.

However, if your child has been experiencing foot or knee pain despite wearing well-fitting shoes, it is worth seeking an assessment for our podiatrist to see if orthotics are a solution.

Prevent your child's growth pain

Conditions such as growing pains, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Sever’s disease, and Osgood Schlatter’s may cause pain in a child’s feet. 

You may be able to help relieve foot and knee pain for children by:

  • Buying them the correct sized shoes.
  • Avoid giving hand-me-down shoes where the tread is already shaped and worn down.

Custom orthotics or Store bought Insoles for Children?

While you may consider off-the-shelf orthotics. 
They will only provide a certain amount of relief for your child and will not provide any corrective changes.
If you notice your child tripping or walking in a concerning way. Chances are this is something they will grow out of without the need for any podiatry intervention.
However, if your child has been experiencing foot or knee pain. Despite wearing well-fitting shoes. It is worth seeking an assessment by our podiatrist to see if orthotics are a solution.
Unisoles custom orthotics are not only affordable. They are also guaranteed to help provide complete support and correction for your child’s feet. So they can get on with being an active kid again.

Custom orthotics for foot Pain treatment

Children between the ages of 8-14 may experience throbbing or aching pain.
Commonly in the areas around the knee and shin (known as Osgood Schlatter’s and heels (known as Sever’s disease)
These conditions occur more so amongst physically active children. This is amongst the most common types of growth pain a child can experience.
The cause is due to the inability of muscles and tendons being able to adapt to the rapid changes to the growth plate interface between the knee and shin.
Meaning, that bone growth is happening quicker than the muscles and tendons can adapt to.
In most cases, these conditions will resolve as the child grows. Rarely leading to permanent deformity.
If your child is unable to bear the pain.
Orthotic treatments can resolve the pressures causing the pain.
Contrary to popular belief, the flat foot is not a disease. This foot type is common to about 30% of the population. 
Flat feet appear when the arches are excessively fallen. The mechanics of this foot posture may pose issues when a child is in pain or discomfort.
This may be due to the structures under the arch being compressed or squashed. Nerves, arteries and veins under the arch can cause pain if under too much pressure.
This is easily preventable. An orthotic can correct the amount of movement in the feet that will provide pain relief.
When a child’s feet point inwards as they walk or run it is referred to as in-toeing.
The most common causes of in-toeing occur from an inward twist in one of three areas:
  1. The thigh (known as femoral anteversion)
  2. Shin (tibial torsion)
  3. The forefoot (metatarsus adductus). 
This condition is the most common concern for the majority of parents.
It is reassuring to tell you that in the majority of cases this condition corrects itself over time as the child grows
In cases where you do not notice positive changes and would like a long-term solution.
We can provide treatment by assessing your child’s gait pattern (walking pattern). To determine the underlying cause of in-toeing.
A custom orthotic is then created to correct the angle of movement in your child’s walk.
As long as the child wears the orthotic devices there can be noticeable changes.
Commonly described as duck feet. Out-toeing is when the feet are facing outwards when standing or walking. This posture is quite the normal stance for infants within the first 6 months after they begin to walk. 
Causes of out-toeing are due to an outwards twist or rotation in any of the following places:
  • hip (femoral retroversion)
  • shin (external tibial torsion)
  • (flat feet).
The need to treat this type of condition greatly depends on a child’s lifestyle and whether there is associated pain or discomfort
However, should you choose to improve your child’s out-toeing?
A custom orthotic can correct the angle of movement in your child’s walk. As long as the child wears the orthotic devices there can be noticeable changes. 

3 signs a child needs custom foot orthotics

  1. You notice your child’s walking pattern is different from other children’s.
  2. One of your child’s feet is not positioned the same as the other or your child is not walking the same on both feet.
  3. Your child complains of discomfort or pain. If you’re noticing your child is falling over more than usual. Not participating in physical activity as they usually would. These can be a sign to have your child assessed.
We can assess whether orthotics can help or if further assessment is necessary.
To ensure there are no congenital abnormalities.
Book a complimentary Virtual Appointment to ask any questions you have about your child. 
Unisoles Online Custom Orthotics

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