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Custom Orthotics For Athletes

No matter what the athletes’ sport or their training regimen, one thing remains the same: their feet.

Every sport requires unique skills and movement.

Every athlete’s physiology and biomechanics are unique to themselves.

In most sports, an athlete’s foot is the junction of the body that creates the foundational support for the rest of their body movements.

One athlete may have a flat foot accompanied by out-toeing. While another may have flat feet accompanied by in-toeing.

While another person may have a rigid high arched foot with a longer second toe. 

These factors all change the way your feet distribute the pressures of your movement from your feet up to your knees and hips.

The feet of athletes are exposed to extreme amounts of stress and strain.

Over the years, this constant exposure to adverse conditions takes a toll on the feet of athletes, resulting in a wide array of orthopaedic issues and overuse injuries.

If left unattended, these orthopaedic issues and injuries can lead to a significant decrease in the athletes’ quality of performance.


Foot and knee Injuries

Ankle injuries are amongst the most common injuries sustained by up to 45% of athletes. Ankle instability is among the root causes of these injuries. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: Custom orthotics. Orthoses are a tried and tested method of treating the orthopaedic issues and injuries faced by athletes.

They are designed to provide the optimal level of support for the feet and lower limbs of athletes, which helps to minimize the impact that their demanding workouts have on the feet.

In addition, orthoses help to address the root cause of the orthopaedic issues faced by athletes, which makes them an invaluable tool in the prevention of further injury and discomfort.

Orthoses can immediately improve the static and dynamic balance of your ankles.

Giving you, the competitive advantage in any high-performance activity. 


Treatment and Prevention

At Unisoles, we believe in not only treating sports injuries but also preventing them.
High-impact activities such as running or agile sports such as basketball can be stressful to your joints. Leading to many overuse injuries to the feet ankles and knees.
Many athletes may push through the pain. Resorting to endless physio trips, or using strapping techniques to help reduce the pain.
Did you know custom orthotics can help reduce common sports injury risks?
Like ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) damage and stress-related injuries from overuse.

Find out how you can reduce your risk of injury with Custom orthotics

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PRO Carbon Fibre Orthotics

Made with premium Carbon Fiber. UniSoles Pro orthotics are lighter, thinner and have more than twice the rebound return rate compared to polypropeline, the ultimate shell material for high-performance athletes.

Your custom orthotics will be designed to comfortably fit within your sports shoes or specialty footwear such as ice skates.

Don’t let your days of playing sport end early due to injury. 

Enhance Your Sports Performance

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orthotics for athletes

Why You Should Choose Custom Insoles?

You may consider an off-the-shelf pair of insoles but they just do not compare to custom made.
The difference is in the materials used and also the corrections they provide for your feet’s specific needs.
By using premium materials in the manufacturing process such as Carbon fibre.
Combines with the prescribed corrections by our Podiatrists for your movement needs.
Unisoles can keep your feet at their optimal performance posture.
To keep your injury risk lower and your peak performance high.
Many elite athletes experience greater athletic performance with orthotics.
By aligning muscles, ligaments and joints. As well as providing cushioning to the feet, ankles and knees from the high amounts of ground force reaction.

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