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At Unisoles, our team of Australian Podiatrists are committed to treating recurring foot pain across the globe, with the power of custom orthotic inserts.


Sabina Bireroglu ( BHS/Mastering in Podiatric Medicine)

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Our Story

After many years of practising Podiatry under StepEase Podiatry in locations around New South Wales, Australia, including Rhodes, Lane Cove, Glebe, Surry Hills, Hornsby, Cabarita, Burwood, Gordon, Berowra, Merrylands, Hilltop, Parkes, Forbes, and Canberra.
Sabina treated many people coming in to see her for foot pain, knee pain and even lower backaches who had previously seen a podiatrist at the cost of at least $800 for a pair of custom insoles that were made by either EVA (which is a dense foam) that often loses its integrity much sooner than polyamide and carbon fibre OR the orthotics were not corrective enough for their walking pattern and hence they were still in discomfort. Then, seeing children in need of orthotics and needing to have parents pay more than they need to every time their child has a growth spurt did not rub well with her conscious. Due to these inefficiencies in the industry, something needed to change.
Sabina Bireroglu, the founder of Unisoles, promised to bridge the gap and offer relief to people all over the world. Now, anyone in need of putting an end to foot and knee-related discomfort or enhancing their athletic performance can do so in the comforts of their own home.
Using enhanced technology, people worldwide can now access premium orthotics at a fraction of the in-person price.

Orthotics That will Last you years

The orthotic industry is full of inferior products. Many companies provide generic inserts that do not assist in correcting your personal foot pressures, while the ones that do offer customisation often do so using foams that can’t withstand the pressure of human body weight longer than a year.
At Unisoles, our custom orthotics are made with a polyamide or carbon fibre shell and include top covers that provide the ultimate blend of comfort and support for your feet.

Affordable Custom Orthotics

At the end of the day, Unisoles’ mission is simple: we want to increase the availability and accessibility of top-quality custom orthotics. Our process is simple – weve made it possible for anyone with a smartphone and internet connection to quickly obtain the custom shoe inserts they deserve. 

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