How much do custom orthotics cost?

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Are custom orthotics Worth the money?

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  1. Plantar fasciitis 
  2. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Bunions
  4. Hammer Toes
  5. In-toeing 
  6. Out-toeing 
  7. Patellofemoral tracking syndrome
  8. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries
  9. Knee pain
  10. Lower Back Pain


Unlike over-the-counter insoles. These devices are crafted for your own feet.

They’re not only to your foot size and curvatures but more importantly your specific postural needs to get you out of pain and your feet performing at their best.

Giving you whole body benefits! 

In most countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada, custom orthotics are prescribed by Registered Podiatrists.

This article will cover cost breakdowns specific to Australia. 

The price of custom orthotics depends on many factors.

It’s a custom device so the price of anything customised to a person always acquires more expense. 
The stages of creating a custom made orthotics include the following costs:
  • The Podiatry Consultation – This includes the assessment of your concerns and your health history. The consultation aids in gathering information to provide you with a professional opinion. This is reliant on the Podiatrists years of experience and also the location of the practice. 
  • Biomechanical Assessment – refers to the examination of how your foot moves and how your foot interacts with your lower and upper body. The podiatrist will examine you by looking at your structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Casting or Impression – there are many methods a podiatrist can use to get a scan or mould of your feet. The impression or cast is then attached to a prescription. A set of instructions and corrections are attached to the moulds or impressions. These instructions will depend on your needs and the results of your Biomechanical Assessment. This step is necessary to create a pair of orthotic devices that will change your foot position when you walk, run or jump.
  • The Custom Orthoticsthis is the actual cost of the right and left foot orthotics device itself. It’s always a pair of orthotics. This covers the lab costs for the materials used and the manufacturing process.
  • The Fitting feeThis is the day you receive your orthotics and they are fitted into your footwear. If your orthotics are full length, your podiatrist will need to trim them to fit your shoes in a short consultation
  • 30 Day Check-Upthis is about checking up on you and how you’ve adjusted to your new custom insoles. Orthotics are corrective devices and it’s common for there to be an adjustment phase. Your lower body needs to strengthen around the new foot position. So, it’s normal to feel some aches in the first few weeks. Just like you would if you started going to the gym for the first time. 

You see now? Getting custom orthotics is not just a product but a whole process of assessments and manufacturing. 

Are all custom orthotics the same?

EVA orthotics
Another important point to consider is that not all custom orthotics are made the same. 
It’s very much dependent on the Podiatrist’s assessment and their corrective recommendations. 
In my years of practice, I’ve seen patients who were not always satisfied with their previous orthotics from other podiatrists.
Many custom orthotics were not corrective enough or were made with materials that do not last longer than a year or two.
This meant that the patient’s concerns weren’t satisfied. 
The materials used in the manufacturing process are really important. 
To maintain the correctional integrity of the orthotics it’s important to use strong materials. For example polyamide, polypropylene or carbon fibre. The thickness of these materials can also be adjusted to accommodate people with higher-risk health conditions
In essence, custom-made orthotics can come with a higher price tag. Because you’re getting a personalised device that will treat your needs.
They’ll also prevent many more conditions from arising in future as long as you wear them.


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