Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pre-fabricated insoles and custom orthotics?
The main difference is pre-fabricated (off-the-shelf) insoles are made to diffuse pressures by acting as a cushion for your feet.
Off-the-shelf insoles are made with softer materials and therefore can not correct mechanical issues.
They are mass-produced to accommodate the larger population and therefore unable to fulfil your specific needs. 
Unisoles Custom orthotics are manufactured with higher quality materials that hold their structure.
Mainly carbon fibre and polyamide.
These materials are able to maintain their structure to correct and absorb pressures from ground forces.
Due to the structure of a custom pair of orthotics being made for one person's individual needs. Our custom orthotic devices are therefore able to correct your personal walking pattern. 
Do I have to use an A4 piece of paper to take my scans?
Yes, it is vital to use an A4 sized sheet of paper to take your scans in order for us to be able to take your measurements.
Even if your foot is longer than the A4 sheet, we will still be able to take accurate measurements.
The A4 size sheet of paper must be used.
What makes UniSoles special from others?
At Unisoles, we pride ourselves on creating custom orthotics that are corrective medical devices. But also are able to fit your existing footwear.
Most of the time patients receive a bulky pair of custom orthotics. Those do not easily fit into their existing shoes. Many times podiatrists will encourage a patient to buy new shoes to fit their orthotics.
At UniSoles, we make the science wearable. You can be sure to have custom orthotics that can easily transfer between your existing shoes.
How much do custom made orthotics cost?

The process of getting custom foot orthotics from, start to finish, typically costs between $700-$1000 in Australia. We're here to tell you. You don't have to fork out that much ever again. 

Unisoles Orthotics cost $475 for a standard pair made from an environmentally friendly 3d printed Polyamide shell.

Unisoles Pro Orthotics are $585 and made from a carbon fibre shell.

The cost is for the whole process and also includes a 30 Day Telehealth check-up with a Podiatrist. Just ensure you're completely satisfied.

Can I claim private health insurance rebates for my custom unisoles?

You may be covered for rebates through your private health insurance if you are in Australia and are covered for custom orthotics in your Podiatry cover.

How can i contact if I have any questions or concerns about Unisoles Orthotics?

As soon as your Unisoles orthotics are delivered to your door. Your Unisoles Podiatrist will directly contact you via your preferred contact method to organise your 30 day review Telehealth appointment.  

For any furthur questions or queries. Feel free to chat to us online or simply email us at and a podiatrist will respond within 24 hours.

What happens after I recieve my Unisoles?

At Unisoles your satisfaction is our priority. Once you receive your custom Unisoles, you will also receive detailed information on how to wear them and what to expect. You will also receive a link to book your 30-day check-up with our Podiatrist.

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