Follow this short test to find out if custom orthotics will help you.

Your feet will have unique differences from someone else’s.

The goal of custom orthotics is to bring your foot from its natural starting point and correct it to what we call the ‘subtalar neutral position.’

This position will provide maximal comfort and function to your foot, knees and lower back.

Giving you the ease of movement in all your chosen activities.

If you have pain in the soles of your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back. This simple test may prove some instant benefits.

The test works best if:

  • You have pain when standing up after sitting
  • You feel pain in your heels first thing in the morning
  • You have knee pain

Take the test

Instantly feel the difference orthotics can make for you

Position your Feet.

In the seated position. Look down to your feet. Turn your feet to be exactly parallel to each other. Your big toes should be facing straight ahead of you.

Adjust your Ankles.

While keeping your toes facing directly ahead. Slightly tilt or twist your ankles outwards. You should feel most of your body weight on the lateral sides (outside of your feet). You don't knee to twist your ankles out too much. Just enough to feel a shift in your body weight to the outward half of your feet.

Hold and Stand Strong.

When you have your feet in positions described in steps one and two.  Now you are ready to hold your feet in that position and stand up.

Watch the video demonstration

If you feel some pain relief then custom orthotics are guaranteed to provide you much more comfort and will relieve your pain.

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You will be directed to a form that will ask you some further questions about your concerns and will assist you in taking your scans and a short video of you walking.

Once we have all your information a Unisoles Podiatrist will begin producing your Custom Orthotics.

If you feel as though you would like some further testing with the help of a Unisoles Podiatrist.

We can happily assist in going through more tests with you through a video call using Telehealth.

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