Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and is a major entertainment source for fans around the world.
However, the game of basketball is extremely difficult and is a sport that often involves a great deal of physical contact between the players.
Over the course of a game, basketball players are often required to make quick movements, jump high, and run for long distances. This places a lot of stress on the ankles and knees.

Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball is a hard sport on the body.
The collisions between the players, the jumps, and the running, all put a great deal of strain on the feet, ankles, knees, and other body parts.
Over the course of a game, players will often suffer from ankle injuries, such as sprains, strains, and fractures.
They may also experience knee injuries, such as ACL tears and meniscus tears.
These injuries are painful and can keep players out of action for the whole season,
which is why it is important to minimise your risk of injury by assisting your feet with necessary structural support.
So your feet can assist your ankles and knees while you’re busy assisting the shoot!
How can you properly support your feet?
Have custom orthotics in your basketball shoes when playing and training.

How Custom Basketball Insoles can Help You Improve Your Game

Orthotic insoles are specially designed shoes that help to cushion the impact of the foot when it comes to jumping and running.
They also help to reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe, which reduces the impact on the joints.
These basketball inserts are designed to provide better support and comfort for the ankles, knees, and feet.
By reducing the forces from the hard court surfaces felt when a player lands on the ground.
Which can keep you injury free and improve your performance on the court.
Custom basketball insoles have also been found to improve sprint performance on the court.

 Think of the custom insoles for a basketballer like a starting block is for a runner.

The orthotics provide elevated support in the arch so you get the spring in your run.
This would be an important attribute when playing the game. 
Every player’s foot is different and needs different corrections. From flat feet to high arch, orthotics can help bring the foot to the proper position from wherever your starting position is.
They can help correct a flat foot, or help with a high arch.
That’s why when getting a pair of custom orthotics for your basketball performance it’s important you get them from a Podiatrist.
A podiatrist specialises in the feet, ankles, and knees movement.
At Unisoles our Podiatrists are experts when it comes to designing and customising basketball insoles for athletes.
If you have a flat foot, high arch, or your feet out-toe or in-toe. These conditions can slow you down and set you up for injury.
Regardless of how your feet move at the moment.
We can help you get the best orthotics to correct the functionality of your feet which will improve your basketball performance.
They can also help correct many other common foot problems.
Which often lowers the performance of any athlete.
Shoes with orthotics will help increase comfort, support, and performance, while also reducing the risk of injury.
Unisoles orthotics for basketball are designed to absorb shock and prevent injuries to the feet, ankles and knees.
For this reason, basketball foot orthotics are used by many professional basketball players.

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