Improve basketball performance
Basketball is a demanding sport, requiring great athleticism and elite fitness at the highest levels.
It’s also great fun for the weekend for those who enjoy throwing some hoops for a local team. 
One of the great problems basketballers at all levels face is the continued demands of the sport on their lower limbs.
So it’s no surprise that the most commonly reported location of injury were ankle injuries.
More specifically ankle sprains from repeated jumping, running and rapid changes of direction. 

Don’t let your days of playing basketball end early due to injury.

Injuries to feet, ankles, and knees are commonplace amongst basketball players.
With foot and ankle injuries being the most common.
The rate of injuries to a basketballer’s feet and ankles far exceeds the rate of injury for other sportspeople.
This is no doubt due to a combination of reasons.
Starting with the court surface and the regular repetition of movements. Twists and turns at the joint level.
As well as the explosive nature of the activities required to play basketball.
Basketball coaches have attempted to reduce ankle and knee injury risks by taping or strapping.
While this approach has had some success.
It’s by no means foolproof. As many basketballers find the strapping or taping to be uncomfortable or inconvenient.
Especially if an athlete’s skin is prone to excessive sweating or is easily irritated.
orthotics for basketball

How to Reducing your chances of Injury

A better solution is for basketball players to use custom orthotic devices.

study by Duke University In 2006 focused on 26 players and provided them with custom-made orthotics.

The practice has shown to provide significant benefits at the elite level. With a 90% lower chance of injury when wearing orthotics.

The results of this study were widely advertised at the time.
But still many basketball teams and players remain unaware of the benefits of using custom-made orthotics.

How Custom Orthotics can help You

By holding your ankles comfortably in a stable position for optimal foot and knee alignment.
This can enhance your performance by strengthening your stance, run, and the spring in your jump. 
Anecdotal evidence from many basketball coaches suggests the use of custom orthotics to help reduce the risk of injury.
The team podiatrist for the Indiana Pacers, Patrick De Heer is adamant that orthotics have a positive effect and he makes a strong case for their use

According to De Heer wearing custom orthotics is an effective way of limiting the risk of injury. As the orthotics act as a shock absorber, while simultaneously providing midfoot control and support for the hindfoot.

Custom Orthotics or Generic Insoles?

Given the nature of basketball being so physically demanding unfortunately off-the-shelf (or over-the-counter) insoles are inadequate.
A lot of them are made of soft materials offering no ankle stability. 
The solution is to wear a semi-rigid orthotic device.
Made using materials such as polyamide or carbon fibre for the structural component.
Allowing only a small amount of spring to the arch in order to keep the foot and ankle positioned in optimal function.
Adding a thin multi-layered top cover.
To absorb the stresses that a basketballer’s feet and ankles are usually subjected to.
With ultimate comfort.


Take the advantage and reduce your Risk of Injury

Sport is a high-performance activity and basketball is explosive. 
Wearing over-the-counter insoles are not going to help to guard against injury.
They may even increase potential injury depending on how soft they are. Like playing basketball on the sand.
It is therefore wise, for basketballers looking to take advantage. To reduce the risk of being off the court due to an injury.
If there weren’t so many benefits to custom orthotics devices the NBA star player, Lebron James, wouldn’t swear by them.
As the name suggests, custom made orthotics are custom-built medical devices.
They’re designed to correct your unique biomechanical misalignments. To give you better balance to maintain better foot and leg alignment.
You’ll move better!

 The advantages of choosing this option are: 

  • Latest technology now allows for 3D scanning of the feet. Enabling the most accurate picture of a foot to be obtained and custom orthotics to be designed for a precise fit.


  • A podiatrist’s choice of materials. It will not only help with cushioning and controlling your feet. The materials used make all the difference by changing ground force return rates. There are over 20,000 different ways to deliver an orthotic that will be individually tailored to your specific needs.


  • Custom-made orthotics can last years if the correct materials are used. Making them the ultimate long-term solution. 


If you are a basketball player and particularly one who is already experiencing some discomfort.

It is recommended to make an appointment with a podiatrist and discuss how correcting your foot positions will benefit you.  


Using custom-made orthotics will help you to cushion your feet. Protect muscles and joints against the shock and strain of constant running, jumping, twisting and turning.


Wearing well-made custom orthotics designed for your feet will help you to play basketball longer and harder. You’ll enjoy playing even more than you do now. 


If you're ready to experience greater basketball performance!