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Great Movement Starts With Your Feet. Custom Orthotics make it happen for

  • Foot Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip and Lower Back Pain
  • Enhance Athletic Performance

Podiatry Treatments for Children, Adults & Athletes

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Get your Kids a Step Ahead into Young Adulthood

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Live an Active Life Without Discomfort


Perform At Your Best.

Knee Pain
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Pain in your feet, legs or lower back?

If you’re dreading taking a step out of bed because of pain. You’re not alone.

The pressures of small daily activities on your feet can add up quickly leaving you out of balance and in discomfort.

Getting you out of Pain and avoiding Surgery is exactly what Unisoles Podiatrists specialise in.

Let us get you moving better than ever before!

Why Choose Unisoles Podiatrists?

Simple! We'll Solve Foot & Knee Problems without the Need for invasive treatment of surgery or injections.

Custom foot orthotics are medical devices in the form of shoe inserts. Helping thousands of children, adults and athletes move on with their daily activities.

To learn more about when you should consider getting a pair of Unisoles 

how much do custom foot orthotics cost?

At Unisoles, our only objective is to design the highest-quality custom orthotic inserts for you to treat foot problems and boost performance without the cost of seeing a Podiatrist in a clinic.

In Australia the typical cost of orthotics from, start to finish, costs between $700-$1000.

We’re here to tell you.

You don’t have to fork out that much ever again. 

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Unisoles Online Custom Orthotics



Unisoles Online Custom Orthotics




For All Your Moves


Compatible with all types of footwear.

Because what’s the point of orthotics if you can’t transfer them to all your shoes, right?


Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Are you an Athlete? Reducing your risk of overuse injury and enhancing your performance has never been easier.

Don’t let injury reduce your days of play! Get Your Custom Orthotics Today!

Eliminate Foot and Leg Pain & Boost Physical Performance

Over-the-counter (generic) insoles don’t always work.
Custom foot orthotics are one of the best ways to reduce foot, leg, and hip pain.
Our specialised shoe inserts will give you access to top-quality foot care at unbeatable prices.
Were you thinking foot orthoses are just for foot pain treatment?
Think again.
They also work wonders for athletic training and for people who work on their feet all day.
Foot pain

Your Foot Guide

Read about all the common foot and knee problems and the best treatment methods based on scientific evidence.

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Affordable Orthotics & Free Shipping

Do you have private health Insurance for Podiatry?

If so, you may be eligible for rebates. 

Custom orthotics are Medical Devices commonly used by Podiatrists to treat common foot conditions.

If you have private health insurance for custom orthotics with any of Australia’s Health Insurers. 

You may not need to pay anything out of pocket.

To Find Out if You are Eligible simply: